Obàluayé Oil

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Obàluayé Oil
Made of 17 Organic and natural oils Obàluáyé 17 Oil is strategically blended to create a blissful sweet taste and consistency needed when used in our most precious of Òrísá ceremonies in the Lukumi diaspora for Obàluáyé.

Don't go looking anywhere else for perfumed unnatural oils with labels that describe a product that is not what you purchased. Come get your 8oz of natural Organic Obàluáyé 17 Oil exclusively at Oshun Squared.

Almond | Almendra
Avocado | Aguacate
Canola | Canola
Castor | Castor
Cinnamon | Canela
Coconut | Coco
Cod Liver | Hígado de Bacalao
Corn | Maiz
Ginger | Jengibre
Grapeseed | Semilla de Uva
Mineral | Mineral
Olive | Olivia
Rosemary | Romero
Sage | Sabia
Sesame | Sésamo
Sunflower | Girasol
Vegetable | Vegetal