Saint Lazarus’ “Healing Bath"

Oshun Squared

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Made from 7 of Saint Lazarus’ most precious plants by Baba Yeyerefi an ordained priest to his secrets; Oshun Squared prayed and prepared this bath in front of his alter to heal mental & emotional distress, while influencing his energy to help cure you from the hot winds that carry the Osogbo (Bad Energy) - Illness.

This bath is used to charge your aura with his blessings so he can help you at a time when you need healing. Call upon your energies and Saint Lazarus/Babalu Aye’s Ashè to bless you with his healing bath. 

Use it at night, when your ready to rest and go to sleep. It helps your spirits work closer and regenerate the energies. 

Click here for Spiritual Bath Instructions

Sold as a Curio. For external use only. Not intended for children. Not intended for consumption or medical use.